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Principal's Welcome:

Caruthers High School was founded in 1914 and held its first classes in the Chamber of Commerce Hall. Several years later the Caruthers community supported and built a permanent school building on the Tahoe and Raider site. The building remained as the main school structure until it was replaced in 1955 with the present buildings, which were remodeled and updated in 1992. In 1999, Caruthers Union High School and Caruthers Union Elementary School unified to form the Caruthers Unified School District.

Caruthers High School is located in the central San Joaquin Valley, approximately 15 miles south of Fresno. The District covers a large rural area (120 square miles) of approximately 2,500 residents, including the two small unincorporated communities of Caruthers and Raisin City. An additional 4,800 people live in the area surrounding Caruthers.

Caruthers High School is very proud of its academic, athletic, activities, and after-school programs. The academic program consists of a rigorous curriculum with over half of its courses certified on the UC/CSU approved course list. The athletic teams are highly regarded and compete for league and valley championships every year. The activities and program of the year award winning after-school programs are exemplary and are often recognized in Fresno County and by the Fresno County Office of Education as models for other schools to look toward.

Barry Watts