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Counseling Department

Senior class: Alicia Hardcastle 




Junior Class: Fernando Sanchez

Sophomore Class: Kassandra Arias

Freshmen class: Reyna Sanchez

The counseling office provides information on career technical education and post secondary opportunities.  Counselors can also provide information on financial aid for post secondary study, which includes scholarships and grants, student and parent loans, work study, etc.  Please see the Counseling/Registration Guide for more information related to College and Career planning.

Counselors meet with students throughout the school year to discuss course selections that will enable them to meet their career and/or college goals.  Students may also sign-up to see their counselor in the main office.

The counseling staff offers psychological counseling referral services for students and parents.  Students and families needing assistance with issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, emotional/social issues, family disturbances, suicide and crisis intervention and other matters should contact the counseling staff.

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Caruthers Unified School District/ Important information/ Grant GPA Opt-Out Form

Assembly Bill 2160 was signed into law in September 2014 mandating that all public schools electronically submit grade point averages (GPAs) for all graduating seniors to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) by October 1 for Cal Grant consideration, unless the student or parent has opted out.  
Cal Grant awards range from $5,000 to 12,000 and are for students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree or vocational or career training.  Cal Grants do not have to be repaid. California Education Code section 69432.9 requires the school district to notify all grade 11 students and their parent/guardian (if under the age of 18), in writing and no later than January 1 of a student’s grade 11 academic year, that the student will be deemed a Cal Grant applicant unless the student has opted out prior to March 1 of their 11th grade year.  Students who do not opt out will have their GPA submitted to the Commission to be considered for a Cal Grant award.  If you choose not to have your student’s GPA sent to the California Student Aid Commission, your student will not be considered for a Cal grant.  Please return your opt-out form to the guidance office no later than Sunday, March 1, 2021.  Please see your school counselor if you have any questions.
To retrieve the opt out form: Cal Grant GPA Opt-Out Form (English)